The Great Orangery as film and photo location

Prussian history, courtly tradition, baroque architecture, glamorous ambience: the Great Orangery has long since established itself as a location and setting for photo and film shoots. Whether you are a photographer or filmmaker looking for a historical location in Berlin or you want to stage products and brands consciously between tradition and modernity: Welcome to the Great Orangery.

The two wings of the building present themselves flooded with light thanks to the 3.80m high, floor-to-ceiling windows on two long fronts - the load-bearing and drivable stone floor allows even complex installations and vehicle presentations. In the evening and night hours, the two rooms, each measuring 448 square metres, are transformed into majestic banqueting and ballrooms that radiate fairytale magic.


  • Historical backdrop
  • Baroque architecture
  • 3.80m high, floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Ground level delivery (up to 7.5t)
  • Sufficient space for setting up lighting, camera and sound equipment